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Founder of I Have A Dream Academy. Manifesting & Mindset Coach. Author. Creator of Vision Portraits.

No one gets to where they are in the blink of an eye, and my story is no different from maybe many of you reading it. My wish for you is that by reading it, it will light up something in you to go for your BIG dreams and live your life the way you picture it to be.

I delved in my passions for creative arts, photography, and film while studying at Dawson College, followed by Concordia University in Montreal. I decided to focus on photography and started working at an advertising agency, as a photographer. This is where I sharpened my graphic skills and eventually became a partner, which introduced me to the world of business.

As an artist, I have developed my own signature style photographs, which are each made with love.

In my latest years as a photographer, I founded Vision Portrait and started capturing portraits of people for who they wanted to become, not who they are. In essence, I was no longer using photography to capture memories, but to create futures.

This became the turning point in my career when I came to the realization that we create our reality.

These empowering portraits took my clients and me from the reality of who we were then and connected us to become who we envisioned ourselves to be in record time.


At one point in my life,
I felt not so confident and struggled with feeling
stuck and frustrated with my current conditions in life
In 2014,
I had just left an unhealthy toxic relationship, self-sabotaged my business success, financially, I took a BIG hit, so I began to read obsessively tons of self-help books, binge-watch hours of YouTube videos Trying to understand how to apply all that I was learning about personal development to change my life around…
But then, as an award-winning vision photographer, I took a vision self-portrait in this messy period in my life. I thought I would capture my messy self, instead I came face to face with my potential of who I could become and I got emotionally attached to being her.
That photograph changed my perception of myself and my life entirely. Everything just clicked into place. Results started to come with rapid speed, I finally was back on track.  I wrote and published my first book on  Amazon “The Little Golden Secrets to Get Anything You F’in Want“, that came through me as a revelation of who we truly are, and our “invisible” Power.

I then went from being stuck and frustrated to flowing with ease and happiness and turned my “average” life into the wealthy lifestyle of my dreams.
I further understood how to apply all the personal development knowledge and law Of Attraction. I manifested having top coaches and mentors from Bob Proctors to Tony Robbins team helping me along the way. I now specialize in teaching individuals how to powerfully accelerate the Law of Attraction and start Creating Love, Wealth, and Success in Their Life Immediately!

I LOVE working with people worldwide and connecting you to achieve the  wealthy lifestyle of your dreams.

I specialize in helping individuals who are feeling impatient, stuck and frustrated with their current conditions in life, apply all the personal development knowledge 

to enables them to accelerate Manifesting the life they desire quickly and in synchronicity.

I do this through an exact creative process, delivered through Coach-On-Demand or Private Coaching.

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