The subject of “trust” and “faith” is something that affects many people – it has for thousands of years.

By nature, we are creatures who want tangible evidence for just about everything, It’s part of our human conditioning.

Regardless, each day we all place our “faith” and “trust” in things around us that may or may not be visible.

For example,

We trust that the sun won’t burn us to a fiery death

We trust that we can breathe air without risking suffocation.

We trust the chair to hold us even though we know it’s really a swirling mass of electrons

We trust our reality, when In fact, most of us know from our science classes there is more “space” 

than “substance” in everything around us – including what makes up you or me.

The science of Physics informs us that nothing is “solid.”
the very nature of our “reality” is questionable.

Physicists inform us that our universe is really an elaborate “digital simulation!” 

In fact, there is more “evidence” that invisible things are “real” than for the existence of “solid” matter in our universe.

The tangible isn’t actually “real.”

Scientists now understand that there is a “language” to creation. It’s inside each and every one of you and gives you the ability to create the life you want.

Have faith in your invisible world, it’s where your power is.

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