High vibe relationships and whirlwind romances remain high on many of our wishlists. We desire to meet ‘the one’ or, literally speaking, our ‘other half’ so that we can experience the rush of intense love and an undeniable soul connection with another human being. With the increased awakening of the global consciousness and the need to journey deeper into our spirituality, interest around Twin Flames has intensified due to their life-changing and fiery spiritual bond. We often hear the question, ‘‘Where’s my Twin Flame?”, so we’ve broken down this spiritual phenomenon including how you can attract, find and connect with your very own Twin Flame. 

What is a Twin Flame?

A Twin Flame is the other half to your soul, you are both essentially cut from the same energetic cloth and thus share the same frequency. A Twin Flame can help us to develop our spiritual growth, shift our consciousness and change the way that we see the world. The evolution of our own identities during these connections shows just how magical and extraordinary Twin Flame relationships are.  

A Twin Flame is a Soulmate, right?

Not exactly. Soulmates can be multiple people at various points during our lifetimes. They can come in many forms such as lovers, friends and family members, to name a few. Though the same can be said for Twin Flames, most of the time they are likely to be romantic connections. Unlike Soulmates, we only have one Twin Flame – one half of your soul and one being. A Twin Flame relationship is like a mirror which shows us our true selves, this connection can force us to face what we see in that mirror and grow from the lessons presented to us. 

So how can I meet my Twin Flame?

Ask and you shall receive. Our intentions and beliefs shape the world around us, and the same can be said for how and when we connect to our Twin Flame. The principle of this theory, The Law of Attraction, explains the Universal law that ‘like attracts like’. What we think about we bring about, be they positive or negative thoughts. 

So, according to the Law of Attraction for us to attract our Twin Flame, we need to magnetize them to us. We have the innate inner power to manifest the things that we want into our lives, including the partner of our dreams.

Here we’ve compiled our top tips for attracting your Twin Flame and creating the relationship you’ve always desired. 

  1. Believe

There are no limits in this Universe when it comes to the power of co-creation. As a spiritual being, you can set an intention and bring that thought to life simply by using the power of belief. Knowing in your heart that you have a Twin Flame whose soul is seeking to connect with your own will amplify that intention out into the Universe, helping you to bring that person into your life. Start by developing trust in your ability to manifest a high vibe relationship, truly believing that you have a Twin Flame can begin the process of attracting them to you. By simply wanting to meet your Twin Flame you have already asked the Universe, and by expecting to meet them you are increasing your belief and trust that the Universe will deliver them to you. 

  1. Align yourself

You want to ensure that you are vibrating at a high frequency so you can attract your Twin Flame. If a Twin Flame is a high vibrational being then you also need to raise yourself up so that you can align yourself to them. To connect to your Twin Flame using the principles of the Law of Attraction one must raise their vibration and conscious energy to be an energetic match to their Twin Flame. If they have reached true heights of spiritual growth then you also need to do the same. Start by practicing gratitude, speak positive words of affirmation and begin the process of loving yourself, this will elevate your vibration to such a level that your Twin Flame will have no choice but to answer your call. 

  1. Allow

Purposefully connecting to your higher power through the practice of meditation will boost your spiritual connection with your Twin Flame, helping to bridge the gap between you in the physical plane. Simply find a quiet space to meditate and allow yourself to go deep within, using the time to either focus on your intention or use the power of creative visualisation to envisage your Twin Flame in your life. The Universe wants to serve all of your desires so seek its service and ask it to help guide you to your Twin Flame. These otherworldly connections bloom from the heights of your soul’s ascension so nourishing your spirit using the power of mindfulness and guidance from the above will bring them to you in no time.

Attracting your Twin Flame is raw, passionate and will challenge you to become a better version of yourself. It is a process whereby you will discover parts of yourself that you have never known before and your soul will blossom. It’s preordained and written in the stars, so seek your destiny and discover a love that burns with an eternal flame. 

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