‘There’s power in the tongue’, ‘you reap what you sow’, ‘what goes around comes around’… many of us have heard these sayings throughout our lives. 

Whether it was during our youth or the present day, at some point in our lives we were inadvertently introduced to the universal law that dictates the very outcome and quality of our lives. As more people around the world go through their spiritual awakening the more questions that seem to surface. So what is the Law of Attraction  exactly? Welcome to Law of Attraction  101, in this series we’ll breakdown the law, bust myths, and help you to become a master manifester. Are you ready?

In this Blog, we’ll cover:

What is the Law of Attraction ?

The history behind the Law of Attraction 

The secret to The Secret: The Law of Vibration 

Your relationship with the Universe

“Why doesn’t this stupid Law of Attraction  stuff work?!?!”

Putting The Law of Attraction  into ACTION

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Universe is bound by 12 infinite laws which dictate the very nature of the fabric of the Universe, energy. This omnipresent substance goes in and out of form and brings life to everything in our existence, including our thoughts. The frequency of our thoughts acts as a transmitter that projects our intentions out into the Universe which then, in turn, manifests itself. Have you ever thought of an old friend just for them to call you out of the blue or hummed a random song which then plays on the radio? It’s no coincidence, it is synchronicity, it is attraction, it is the law.

Whatever you focus on you will attract, you are a living magnet where your beliefs and intentions create all aspects of your life. The saying ‘ask, believe and receive’ is a key formula for understanding the Law of Attraction , setting an intention through your thoughts is the first step to asking, and if you believe that it will manifest then you will receive it. This is the language of the Universe and law for all that exists.

The history behind the Law of Attraction 

Although the topic has recently become popular the Law of Attraction  has been practiced within ancient civilizations since the dawn of time. From the Ancient Egyptians who worshipped the God of creation, Ptah, to the Babylonians who attributed their wealth to the practice of giving and gratitude. 

The Law of Attraction  has featured heavily throughout religion, in the Bible the Book of Matthew states And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” The Law of Attraction  also features heavily throughout Buddhism. The Buddha not only knew the Law of Attraction  he lived it, breathed it, and taught it. 

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

– Buddha

The first modern instance of the term ‘the Law of Attraction ’ is documented in an esoteric book by Helena Blavatsky, in 1877. This led the way to the Law of Attraction  becoming a worldwide phenomenon that is practiced by people of different cultures, ages, and backgrounds. 

The secret to The Secret: The Law of Vibration 

Thoughts may have an impact on what and how you manifest but the secret sauce to attracting everything that you want lies in the magic of vibration. Everything is energy and energy is constantly vibrating, from the skies to the earth, to oceans and the very body that houses your physical existence, there is no distinction between everything in the Universe. Variations between solids, liquids and the like occur due to how each molecule vibrates, but in essence, everything in the Universe is one.  

Our thoughts are nothing but dense energy that is fueled by our emotions and desires. To manifest correctly, you need to send the right kind of energy out into the Universe. If your vibration is not in alignment with the thing that you wish to manifest you won’t see the results that you so wish that you want to achieve. 

Determine which level that you are vibrating at by observing your feelings. Are you happy, sad, or maybe even indifferent? Each emotion that you experience paves the way toward, or away from, you manifesting your goals. High vibration emotions can range from love, at the top of the spectrum, to contentment and low vibration emotions are the negative feelings that we experience such as anger, sadness, jealousy, and grief. The Law of Vibration  sets the foundation for the Law of Attraction , if your emotions are in alignment then the power of your thoughts will lead to your manifestation coming to life.

Your relationship with the Universe

We are co-creators, made of stardust, and all the magic that you can dream of. As mentioned with the Law of Vibration  there is no separation between us and the Universe, we are all infinite spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. To develop your relationship with the higher power that is the Universe you need to shatter the very mortal image that you have of yourself, you must construct a new self-image, a new concept of who you are which is a powerful, dynamic, soulful being that can create anything with no limitations whatsoever. 

There are no boundaries to your brilliance. Think of all the things that you want to attract into your life, the possibilities are endless. The only thing that stands in the way of you and your dreams is your inability to see just how spectacular, ethereal, complex, and intricately designed you are. You can use The Law of Attraction  to attract more money, manifest true love and better relationships, a successful business, and perfect health. The magic is at your fingertips.

But wait. If so many people swear by the Law of Attraction , why do some of us cry out to the heavens 

“Why doesn’t this stupid Law of Attraction stuff work?!?!”

Believe, trust, and believe again.

“Think the thought until you believe it, and once you believe it, it is.” Abraham Hicks

From the moment we are born we are conditioned to everything around us, from the way that we judge people to our views on money, religion, marriage, and everything that we experience in life. Our family members, friends, neighbors, and the people within our community shape and form our beliefs which then go on to live within our subconscious mind. 

If you experienced money troubles growing up or your parent’s marriage was one that was full of domestic abuse, that sets the tone for your way of thinking toward that subject. So if you want to manifest more wealth but deep down you feel as if you don’t deserve to be rich, as a consequence of the environment that you grew up in, then you will struggle to manifest it. That is until you do something about it. Nothing is ever impossible and your subconscious belief systems are not permanent, you are in complete control over your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

No matter how deeply ingrained your belief system is, with a little inner work you can change the relationship that you have with yourself and therefore your relationship with the Universe. In order to change the patterns within your mind, you need to replace existing beliefs with new ones. With a few tools and a little know-how you can change your life from drab to fab with these few powerful tools, plus, as an added bonus download our FREE e-book on HOW TO APPLY “THE SECRET” IN YOUR LIFE, courtesy of the I Have a Dream Academy!

Putting The Law of Attraction into ACTION

Vision Boards

If you can see it you can achieve it. Using your creative energy to manifest your dream life is a powerful way of turning your goals into your wins. A vision board is a collage of images that are used to inspire and serve as a visual representation for anything that we want to manifest. From images of the perfect dream home to affirmations, your vision board can be anything that you want it to be. Simply collect images that resonate with your dreams and desires and stick them onto a pin-board , piece of card, or even on your wall. Place it somewhere that’s easily accessible to you for a dose of daily motivation.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Are these the first words that you utter in the morning? They should be. Start every day with gratitude and say thank you for everything in your life, say thank you for your relationships, your job and the roof over your head, be thankful for it all. By focusing on the good in your life you are inviting more of it to continue to manifest into your experience. As they say, It’s better to lose count while naming your blessings than to lose your blessings to counting your troubles.


Modern life rarely gives us a moment to take a breath and be centered. Mindfulness is the practice of connecting to everything within the present moment, it is a state of mind that can deepen our spiritual development and give us a greater sense of appreciation for everything around us. The goal is not to quieten the mind but to focus on the present moment without judgment. There are many ways that one can practice mindfulness from meditation, yoga, and even Tai Chi.


Positive words and statements that become a regular part of our vocabulary and thoughts change the very nature of our being. Affirmations will uplift and empower you in all areas of your life, use it to manifest your perfect body, romance, your dream car, and anything else that your heart desires. If you need a head start, here are 10 powerful affirmations: 

I am successful

I am financially comfortable

My life is full of love and light

I am so grateful for everything in my life

I am beautiful in every way

Every day is full of magic

I am worthy of love

I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in 

Everyone loves and appreciates me

I love myself!

I am enough


Books are food for the soul so keep your library well stocked with bestselling literature from the greatest minds of our time. From every Law of Attraction  fanatics go-to ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne to the classic ‘Ask And It Is Given’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks, you’ll gain an insight into the spiritual world and amazing techniques that will change your life forever. Want to grab the best spiritual publications? Check out our guide on the Top 10 Most Powerful Law of Attraction  Books That Will Change Your Life.


Think of it as keeping a diary between you and the Universe, journaling can be used in a multitude of ways that will be sure to raise your vibration and encourage positive manifestations. Pick up a journal or a special notebook for you to write in and use it to affirm your dreams and communicate with the Universe. You can keep a daily gratitude list or use it to script your dream life, some even use journaling to make a note of everything that they have successfully manifested which encourages more manifestations! You can even use a journal to help you connect with and understand your frequency, though the practice of the Law of Attraction  encourages positive thinking it is also healthy to acknowledge all of our emotions across the spectrum, by writing down how we are feeling we are allowing ourselves to deal with them directly.

Create A Vision Portrait

Inspired action is the catalyst for expediting your manifestations, add a splash of your imagination into the mix and you will practically hold your hopes and dreams in your hands. One ingenious technique is creating a Vision Portrait, this involves taking themed pictures that align you to your personal goals. By simply taking photos of yourself dressed and acting as if you have already shifted into your alter ego, you are taking a snapshot of your new reality which will help you to become an improved version of yourself. If you can see it then you achieve it and when you act as if then its already yours.

Now that you’re equipped with the information and guidance needed to start your Law of Attraction journey ensure that you continue to engage in study and drive toward further personal development. Want to learn how to master the Law of Attraction and manifest your dreams with ease? Get personalized Coaching-On-Demand with published author, Award-winning Vision Photographer named as one of the world’s most prominent game-changers according to Star Central Magazine, our founder, Pazit Perez, from a novice to an expert you’ll become a Law of Attraction guru in no time. Call 1-833-234-8666 or click here for more information.

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