I was inspired to write this post after talking to a client of mine whose going through some personal challenges and thought it can further inspire anyone going through something similar right now.

If you’re feeling frustrated by some challenge you’re going through, like maybe your relationship ended, maybe you didn’t sign on that new client, maybe you didn’t hit that financial goal you set for yourself and it’s causing you unhappiness, I invite you to take a closer look at your thinking right now.

Most people would tend to think that it’s their external circumstances that is causing them to feel the unhappiness inside.

It’s not the case.

It’s how you think and what you believe about your life situation, yourself, and the world.

The only lasting, natural way to be and feel happiness is to question your thoughts and beliefs. When you question your thoughts and beliefs, you’ll realize that it’s your own thinking that is causing your suffering.

Like thinking that your life is over because your relationship didn’t last. Or that you’ll never get the opportunity to ever sign on a new client…You’re living in a story in your head that isn’t true.

This is amazing news because it means you can break free ?

No matter how long you’ve been struggling and feeling unhappy inside, you can find joy and peace if you question what you believe.

You can ask yourself “What thoughts am I thinking that are causing me to feel unhappy?“ (You’d be surprised what comes out of your head! )

Let’s say you find out that you’re thinking “I will never get another opportunity again” simply question it’s truth and reframe it by saying “ Many opportunities are available to me”.

Doesn’t that thought feel good already?

It’s that simple but it takes practice.

Get the Picture?

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